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Vente Matériel Militaire, équipement militaire. Wearcraft, matériels et équipements militaires opérationnels. Recherche ou fabrication spécifique de matériel militaire opérationnel

Military equipment

Products reserved for the sole use of the Ministry of Defense of the French Republic & its authorized subcontractors

Operational products.

Wearcraft is accredited by the General Secretariat of Defense and National Security to meet the needs of the Ministry of Defense, the Directorate General of Armament and the Directorate General of Homeland Security.
Please contact us before requesting a 94A notice or consulting for a contract with SAI ownership.
You are looking for a particular product according to its content and quantity we can source it after acceptance of a quotation.

Among others: Marking and traceability, tactical products, equipment, material, clothing, decorations, specific sourcing ...

For example : We have just sourced and supplied Kevlar Ballistic Masks with bulletproof shield

SPECS : flexible, unbreakable and impact resistant. Panoramic tinted screen, anti-fog, ventilated, anti-sand, anti-impact, resistant to bad weather. High resistance polycarbonate material with bulletproof scratch resistant screen with rubber cushion frame ensuring maintains and waterproofing (glasses branches possible). Supplied in class 4 "neutral gray" ballistic black screen color and in class 3 "clear" ballistic transparent screen. (The screens are not interchangeable) In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Mil spec MIL-V-43511 : When tested as specified in 4.4.5, there shall be no penetration, spall or cracks when tested with caliber .22 T37 fragment simulating projectile at a velocity of 550 to 560 ft / sec (167 et 170 m / s) in the center, on left eye and on right eye. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Same product and material as the pilot helmet visors.

FT-0218-goggle-test-A ret.jpg
Another example :
We have just supplied engraved metal identification plates for drop containers.

Plates of this type :

PLaques metalliques.jpg

Vous recherchez de la traçabilité de produits, d'instruments, d'appareils et matériels, nous sommes spécialisés en marquage et identification à caractères spécifiques utilisant diverses technologies. (étiquettes indécollables résistantes à l'abrasion, à l’immersion, aux solvants, flammes amovibles, plaques d'identification en divers matériaux (PVC, Métal à coller ou à riveter, marquage laser... généralement individualisés et à identification unique.

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