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Agence de création graphique & design aéronautique. Wearcraft: produits créatifs, création d'affiches, communication visuelle, publicité, web design, prototypage, jeux.

Custom-made creation

Wearcraft imagines and invents original marketing products...
Here are some of our recent achievements :

Board Games

We create board games adapted to the image of your company and your activity.


An event, a promotion baptism, a trade fair, we create your poster on a theme or left free to our creativity

Promotional Products

We brand all kinds of products, "goodies" and promotional gifts to your image.

Creative Products

Our creativity allows us to design unique products specific to an event or your company.

A board game for Airbus Helicopters

Reach The OilRig !

A board game featuring the brand's latest helicopter, the H160, whose goal is to reach an oil platform while avoiding clouds and other obstacles. An original and personalized marketing element that attracts players during meetings!

Visual communication

Aeronautical posters

Creation of a series of visuals for promotional posters for the Alain Truchi aeronautical training organization. Imposed theme: the Concorde, Paris, New York and above all a typically aeronautical art deco style.

Communication by object

Goodies & Creative Products

Creation of various products for the personalized promotion of our customers.

Some of our ideas and achievements :

Magnets, Stickers, Drawing Notebook, USB Key, Mini lamp, Carabiner hook, Personalized box, 3D or PVC metal key ring, Pins, Paper cutter, Metal paper press, Glasses wipers, Embroidered clothes or accessories, Scale models or flying models to be assembled, Enamelled plate, Badge cord, Name badge, Enamelled car grille badge .
Ask us, we will be inventive and our creativity will surprise you.
* Please CLICK on the picture to enlarge it and obtain the legend

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