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Remove before flight. Wearcraft - Porte-clés flamme, porte-clés aéronautiques personnalisés sur mesure en broderie, tissage ou pvc.


Customized goodies

Key Rings 


The ultimate aeronautical marketing product. Wearcraft offers you the best quality available for your embroidered, woven, printed (sublimated) or pvc keychains. Different shape, format, number of colors, front & back: the customization is unlimited to allow you to obtain a tailor-made result.

Starting from 300 copies

Embroidered key rings

The classic aeronautical "flame" personalized to your image. We simply have the best quality on the market.

Porte-clés brodé personnalisé

Woven key rings


The "jacquard" weave allows to reproduce the finest details, with a quasi-photographic rendering, while preserving the look and feel of an aeronautical "flame" key ring.

Porte-clés tissé

Pvc key ring


New! The "flame" is finally available in PVC. PVC (stands for polyvinyl chloride, a mixture of 60% salt and 40% petroleum) is a flexible plastic that is tinted in the mass and moulded. It allows to reproduce very faithfully the finest details and does not deteriorate with use. However, it requires the manufacture of a mold which is then reused for reissues.

Porte-clés plastique pvc

* Please note that for all our products on textile backing, the so-called "American Bourdon", i.e. the overlocking of the edges, is done manually with a special MERROW machine which ensures a very high stitch density, guaranteeing a quality finish and durability to our products, unmatched by even the double overlocking of a traditional machine.

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Nato Tiger Meet 2017
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